We are our founders’ biggest supporters and ensure that we always have their back, through thick and thin.

Investment Remit

We are founder first, sector agnostic and focus on investing in early stage technology companies, starting at the Seed stage through to Series B.

  • Deep Local Markets

    Founders who are tackling deep local & regional markets that are white spaces which can be significantly optimized through the use of technology.

  • MENA to the World

    Business model innovation stemming from the MENA region that can be transported and expanded globally.

  • World to MENA - Web3

    With VARA in Dubai creating a world class regulatory environment for Web3 and given BECO’s deep network, we focus on partnering with global companies tackling infrastructure, enterprise applications, DeFi protocols and consumer access points.

Our Value Proposition

Three core pillars around our value proposition to Founders

Committed Soldiers In An Army Led By Our Founders

  • We are not just “another investor”, we view ourselves as an extension to our founders and management teams.
  • We are always the first call our founders make during the good times and tough times. We act as sounding boards when it comes to major strategic decisions being considered or to even provide advice on company dynamics.
  • We are there when needed, otherwise waiting on the sidelines when not.

Customer Introductions & Business Development

  • Customer Intros, Government Officials, Partners – we do a lot of Business Development for our founders.
  • We’ve built a vast network of relationships and open up our rolodex to get our founders in front of the most relevant stakeholders.

Fund Raising

  • We take a proactive role when it comes to helping our founders eliminate obstacles as they scale – most notably access to growth capital (equity + debt).
  • BECO’s in house Investor Relations team works very closely with our founders during their fundraising process to tap into Beco’s partner network of global tier 1 investors.
  • We also have a strong history of pre-empting and leading large follow-on rounds.


Of All Capital Raised By Mena Startups Since 2015 Has Come From The BECO Portfolio


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