In his closing remarks at BOOSTMENA, BECO CEO, Dany Farha, shared his takeaways from the day, and his bold and optimistic predictions for 2017 and beyond:


  • 50 million┬ádigital consumers is the tipping point to build billion dollar companies in an economic block
  • Innovation will come from everywhere
  • Hyper local matters
  • We have to have a long-term view
  • You get out what you put in. We are still at the beginning of the journey. Pioneer exits are coming
  • MENA will be a hotbed of tech entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Where is our Ratan Tata?


  • MENA will have tens of tech titans
  • We will have mega exits starting in 2019 of >$500m
  • We will export a pioneering innovation to the world
  • SWFs will start to invest in our VC asset class
  • The old guard will lead tech M&A
  • Western buyers will buy a MENA company, not just for growth and a new geo footprint, but for team and IP


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