By Zeina Choucair



Keiretsu, the Japanese concept of a network of companies linked together for mutual benefit, is a concept being embraced by VCs nowadays in the form of Community Management. We at BECO have embraced Community Management, and Keiretsu will be at the heart of our activities for 2018.

As our portfolio grows, so does its collective knowledge. Building a strong community means creating a safe online and offline space for companies to connect and share, leveraging individual value for the collective one. This comes in line with our mission of providing customized and unique value added services to our companies, and together positively create regional impact through jobs and wealth creation.

One of the many community-focused programs, Insights With BECO was designed to enable the growth of portfolio companies via connections with and education from world-class experts.

Last Tuesday, we had a conversation with Jonathan Hsu, Head of Data Science at Social Capital and previously Manager of Data Science & Analytics at Facebook. Around 22 of our entrepreneurs from across the portfolio had a chat with Jonathan who joined us via a video call all the way from Palo Alto. The one-hour conversation tackled common challenges faced by tech startups in the arenas of data science, analytics, and scaling the data side of the business.

It is safe to say the first Insights With BECO session was an amazing success. Stay tuned for upcoming sessions!